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Greyhounds Unlimited - Luckie's Auction

On July 12, 2015, a Good Samaritan found a female greyhound with her head stuck in a gate. The hound was emaciated and covered with ticks. Word reached Greyhounds Unlimited and we immediately went into action to help this hound. She has been to our vet and is in the loving care of one of our foster families, being nursed back to health. That road will be long, and hazardous, as she has not one, but two, tick-borne diseases to recover from.

She has been named Luckie, and we are naming this auction Luckie's Auction in her honor. She is not the first Special Needs Hound GU has taken in, nor -sadly - will she be the last.

We are committed to helping as many greyhounds and greyhound mixes, both in dangerous situations like Luckie was and those retiring from their racing careers, as we can. It takes an enormous amount of money to vet these dogs so that we can ensure our adopters are getting healthy, happy hounds. Dogs like Luckie take even more vetting to get to that point.

All funds raised from this auction go directly to caring for the hounds that come to GU. Our organization is 100% volunteer run.

Please consider these auction items we offer here, have fun, bid high if you can, and remember that every dollar you donate helps us to help more "Luckie" dogs.


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